Greyton Classic MTB & Trail Run 2014


14,15 June 2014

The Greyton MTB Classic starts and finishes at The Oaks Estate, just outside of the village of Greyton.

Offering challenging rides and trail runs for participants of all levels.

The Greyton Classic will be the 3rd leg of the Pennypinchers Eco MTB series of 3, the other 2 races being the Simonsberg MTB Classic (13 April 2014) and the Hottentots-Holland MTB Classic (4 May 2014). Riders will collect points in accordance with their finishing position in the race (see below), which will count towards the total for the series. The winners in each category will be announced and crowned in Greyton after the Greyton Classic. Some good prizes for the winners are up for grabs!

Route Description:

MTB 48km

Water points are at 12km, 26km and 40km. The 45 km route sees the following changes and upgrades:

  • The entire route is now north of the valley (mountain side). The scenic value is just so awesome on the north side of the valley that we searched far and wide to bring you a route that is the most beautiful and interesting in the history of the race!
  • We have added a loop to the west of last year’s 1st half of the race, in order to get in the required distance, as well as a loop to west of last year’s 21km loop
  • More bush and mountain side singletrack (non-technical)
  • The total climb remains the same as before (just over 1000 m)
  • It is longer by 3km, but the last 3km is all downhill.

MTB 22,5km

Water point at 10km. The 21km route is brand new, and is 22,5km this year, and most of it is the new west loop. It is exciting! The last part of the 22km route follows the 10km route home.

MTB 11,5km

There are no water points on this route. The 10km route has seen 1,5km distance added to it, mainly along the river in the beginning. If ground conditions prove to be very wet close to the race, it will go out on the R406, same as the 22,5km route, which will cause it to become about 10km again.

Trail Run 10km & 21km


Date: Saturday 14 June
Start times: to be announced
MTB & Trail Run Duo:

Date: Sunday 15 June
Start times: to be announced
Trail Run:
MTB & Trail Run Duo:

Events and Distances:
MTB 48km / 22,5km / 11,5km
TRAIL RUN 21kn / 10km
MTB & TRAIL RUN DUO 21km – 10km

For more info please visit the Greyton Genadendal MTB Club website.

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